Step 1: Verify product is under warranty

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Certain products may be excluded from the applicable Limited Warranty as indicated at the point of sale and/or on the product hang tag.

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Step 2: Select country

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If your product is covered under our warranty, please tell us a bit more about the item. Please only include 1 item per form submission.

Step 3: Fill out & submit a claim form

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Step 4: Ensure your item is freshly washed or cleaned

It is important that all items are cleaned or washed prior to being sent back for warranty processing and repair. Please confirm below that your item is currently in clean condition.

Please confirm that your product is in clean condition before submitting your claim.

Warranty Process

1 Verify your product is under warranty.
2 Select Country.
3 Fill out & submit a claim form.
4 Ensure that item is freshly washed or cleaned.
5 Return the item to us with the claim number.

For our complete One-Year Limited warranty policy, please click here. And for our complete Jacket Limited Lifetime Warranty policy please click here.