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This durable, weather-defying boot is perfect for keeping feet warm, dry and protected in deep snow and extreme cold; in addition to a waterproof rubber shell, it features a water and wind resistant upper, built-in gaiter and removable 13mm ThermoPlus™ felt inner boot.

  • Durable water and wind resistant PU backed synthetic textile upper
  • Built-in gaiter with barrel lock closure system
  • Removable 13mm ThermoPlus™ felt InnerBoot
  • 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug
  • Removable 13mm Sorel Meltdown Midsole™
  • Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell
  • Sorel AeroTrac™ non-loading outsole
  • Shaft Height: 16 in / 40.6 cm
  • Weight: 42 oz / 1191 g
  • Sorel rated: -100° fahrenheit / -73° celsius
  • Imported

    PU backed synthetic textile
    13mm Thermoplus felt
    13mm Sorel Meltdown Midsole
    Vulcanized rubber
    Sorel AeroTrac

Men's Glacier™ Boot

Men's Glacier™ Boot 4.9 5 27 28
My guys love these boots!!! Seriously....these sames boots have been worn by my husband and son for years now. They have always loved them!! Somehow a pair of them were lost during a snowmobile trip last year. I know my son (who by the way is a size 16) will be happy to see these under the Christmas tree this year!!! November 28, 2011
You wanted a test? I live in the very northern part of Wisconsin, near the great lakes, and my wife and I own a working horse ranch. We've had a particularly brutal winter, from snow up to my hips, to -45 Fahrenheit actual. Wind chills? Let's not start. At 6'6", and wearing a size 16 normal shoe... finding winter gear for me that not only keeps me warm and allows me to move is a chore. Sorel was the only manufacturer with a boot that would accommodate my giant foot with a 100% wool sock on and still do my daily chores. My FAVORITE web tool was their printable sizing chart. When your clothing almost always has to be tailored in some manner or bought in specialty shops, this little tool was invaluable. I haven't had them long, time will true workmanship against- snowmobilling, horse ranch chores, hunting, trapping, foresting, and a lot of general outdoor use. My only* complaint is the laces are a tad short. When I gear up for the morning or take off my boots I wish there was enough lace to tie a nice knot that won't fail at the slightest tug. Other than that- if you are putting them on for the first time I suggest putting the liner on your foot and THEN putting your foot back into the boot, unless you wear -very- thin socks in true arctic conditions. I do sometimes, and when I use my thinner inner layer gear the boot feels a little roomy but not too bad. February 8, 2014
A great product I was concerned about a supply in my size when I first researched what was available. I found a number of the Glacier boots but none in my size, until I went to the Sorel site. I was concerned that a size 11 would be too large for my 10.5 size foot but as it turned out the fit was perfect with the liner supplied with the boot. The boot is sturdy, neat looking and warm. January 31, 2014
Warm Boots Warmest boots I have ever owned -have kept my feet warm in 0 deg temps with the wind blowing while hunting from a tree stand. January 3, 2014
Big, Warm Boots These boots fit a little bit large, but they're perfect for wearing large socks. Great Product. December 25, 2013
one great big @#$ shoe I am a size 15/16 and finding a shoe for the Yukon was no easy task. I did found this amazing boot that does make me look a bit like Frankenstein...I can't wait to actually use it in the snow. The fit is perfect and trying it out, I can already feel the warmth on my feet... that I will look so forward to.Craftsmanship is excellent and I can happily recommend this boot.PS: Originally ordered in size 16 which was a little large. There is no exchange policy, but the return and re-order went very smooth. Credit posted promptly and even threw in free overnight shipping! September 16, 2013
Glacier Boot This is my second pair of Glacier boots from sorel, the first pair was purchased in 2002, I am very active outdoors so I expect and need a good boot. There warm and durable and hold up to tuff conditions. Tony May 12, 2013
HELLUVA BOOT Had a reputable competitor's boot for the past 15 years and got by with them even though they were less than perfect. As they began to deteriorate, thought turned to what would replace them. In the interim I had seen many SOREL products and was impressed with them and that prompted the purchase The Glacier Boot is a mega-boot - warm as toast and sturdy as a tank. If they could be made to encompass one's entire body, one could probably live in them during the coldest and harshest of winter weather and thereby resolve any energy issues (you would not need a house to live in or warm). Alas that is currently not available so, in the meantime, my feet and I look forward to a warm relationship with the product. The product may well be the best boot on the market for its category. Being picky, I would prefer that the SOREL name not run down the back rib and that other than a barrel closure be used at the top. Other than that, SOREL has achieved boot perfection here. May 1, 2013
GREAT BOOTS!!! I lived on a mountain in Utah for 3 winters, and couldn't find snow boots up to hours-long hikes until I found these. I love, love, love these boots and would have no others. I read a review that a woman wrote in calling them "Herman Munster boots". Yes, they're large and heavy, but ladies, think of the exercise that gives your legs!! :) Seriously, these are the best snow boots EVER!! I just bought a pair for my new husband. April 11, 2013
New boots I retired my 25+ year old pair of Sorels recently. They finally split at the heel. Of course I replaced them with a new pair of Sorels. Your web site was easy to use and helpful and I love my new boots. I told a coworker that they way Sorels hold up these will be the last pair of boots I will ever need to buy!Thank you for a GREAT PRODUCT! March 3, 2013
My New Boots I am very happy with my new boots! They keep my feet nice and warm while I am ice fishing! I would recommend these boots to anyone that spends any time outside in the winter cold. February 28, 2013
Quality Boots! These boots will definitely keep the cold out when it's below zero and we're riding snowmobiles! No more cold feet @ -40 ! Excellent construction, heavy removeable liner to dry if it gets wet, HEAVY boot - won't go hiking in them. February 24, 2013
Fantastic Boots! Here at Fort Greely (interior Alaska), temperatures drop to as much as -60 F, which is pretty darned cold! Add in a wind-chill factor and it gets really cold really fast. The Glacier Boot is perfect for these conditions; my feet have never gotten cold. With the felt insert, there is still enough room to wear an insulated sock if you feel the need. I gave the Glacier Boots 5 stars because there are not 6 or more stars available. February 1, 2013
Warm Toes at LAST excellent boot Seems a bit larger than most size 14 wide January 23, 2013
Great Boot My husband is very pleased with Glacier Boot, they are every thing that Sorel review said they were. We have had alot of trouble in the past trying to find boots & shoes for my husband because he takes a size 17 wide. We no longer have to search, Sorel is the Company we will be purchasing his them through. Their customer service is A+++ January 16, 2013
Smart buy again This is my third pair of Sorel boots and I will not purchase anything else. The comfort, warmth, and durability of this boot is second to none in my opinion. Snowmobiling and all outdoor activities are no problem with this boot. I went down a half size as my shoe 10 1/2 to a 10 as in the past and they are nice fit with a good winter sock. December 31, 2012
Quality and warmth = Sorel I have had sorels in the past. I had them for about 7 years...Gave them to someone that needed them because they always had cold feet. As far as I know he still has them. They keep his feet very warm. I am excited to hit the snow this winter with my new boots. Thanks for product Quality and service like no other. December 9, 2012
Warm boot The title says it all. This boot is built to withstand very cold temperatures. The boots fits is a little large and rather bulky. Good for standing around in the cold but not for long treks. December 9, 2011
Toasty! Just to check them out, I wore a normal boot on one foot, and my Glacier (with liner) on the other while sitting in the garage. Temperature was about 25 degrees. Had to take it off, foot was over heating.It's a bit large for 8.5 U.S. but I had on normal socks.Boot looks huge and is a little ungainly at first, kind of like taking off roller skates after a couple hours of skating.Grip is excellent.There is a two lace system which is great. April 4, 2011
THESE BOOTS ARE AWESOME AND I GOT THEM FOR FREE my sisters son grew out of them and they are my size. they bought them at the salivation army for 20.00 they are a nice warm cold weather boot. i need them for events i go to we have to camp out and sometimes it is 25 degrees or colder March 5, 2011
Great boot but replacing liner hard Just a great boot for here in Minnesota. Worked for a time in a lumberyard where I was expected to outside 4 to 5 hours at a time. Others had different boots but no one could last as long as I could and not complain about cold feet. I could pull my 8-10 hours and still walk the 1/2 mile home amd have warm feet. Now I am looking to replace the liners and am having problems finding any. Any ideas. December 15, 2010
excellent I bought these in Idaho, Sandpoint To be exact in 1993, I love them and now they are getting britle so must replace them. But i am going to purchase another pair if they last as long as these did. I do a lot off fishing and they sure keep my feet warm and dry. December 7, 2010
Glacier Boots I bought my first pair in 1990. Despite having terrible foot circulation, and with plenty of snowmobiling and ice fishing in Wyoming, my feet have never been cold! It's finally time for another pair, and with my wife and daughter just starting to enjoy the winter, it's time for them to get some too! October 14, 2010
Nothing else comes close My wife and I are avid winter enthusiasts. After much trial and error, I found a pair of Glacier boots on sale late one Spring. The end of season sale made the boots more than reasonable and less than what I've paid for inferior brands in the past. That was 8 or 9 years ago. They keep me as warm as the day I first wore them. At first they seemed a bit bulkier than what I was accustomed to. When held in one hand and my old boots in the other, my Sorels were lighter. When you consider all the parts that go into the design to keep your feet that warm, a little bulk is what serves the purpose. I have let everyone with whom I snowmobile try them,and the results are ALWAYS the same. They are the most comfortable and warm boots anyone has ever used. Many have already bought or will difinitely buy this benchmark of a winter boot. I have worn them all day at moto-cross snowmobile events. August 20, 2010
I will never have cold feet again! I live in Sweden and this winter has been exceptionally cold and snowy. I had grown tired of freezing my toes off and started doing some research online for the warmest shoes I could get my hands on. Everything pointed towards Sorel Glacier. I found out about a photography team that spent 8 months in Greenland and Spitsbergen tracing polar bears. They use these shoes.So I went out and bought a pair, and it turns out it was the best buy ever! You couldn´t find warmer or more comfortable shoes for walking through snowy forests in Sweden, or looking for polar bears in Greenland. I really recommend them to anyone with cold feet. No pun intended... :-) February 22, 2010
Fantastic Boot When you think of Sorel, you think about pure quality. I got my 1st pair of Sorel's from my father 15 years ago. At this point they were already a good 10 years old. The boots were awesome. Warm and the definition of durable. Finally I had to get my own because the ones given to me were 1 size bigger then my size. These are my 3rd pair and my 1st boot of this type. The boots can seem a little big, however this is due to the wool socks you should be wearing with these. It really is an extreme boot and will keep your feet warm. -50, -60? No problem. I plan on doing some arctic weather expeditions and there is nothing better then Sorel IMO. Never once have I ever had cold feet, never been wet, boots have never come apart.... Perfect boot for multi purposes and the Great White North January 13, 2010
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