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Women's Caribou Thermoplus® Boot Liner + Snow Cuff


Style # 1063692
| Fit: Fits Slightly Small


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Women's Size Chart

5 3 36 22
5.5 3.5 36.5 22.5
6 4 37 23
6.5 4.5 37.5 23.5
7 5 38 24
7.5 5.5 38.5 24.5
8 6 39 25
8.5 6.5 39.5 25.5
9 7 40 26
9.5 7.5 40.5 26.5
10 8 41 27
10.5 8.5 41.5 27.5
11 9 42 28
12 10 43 29

How to Measure Your Foot

  • Place your feet flat on a piece of paper and mark your longest toe and the back of your foot. It's best to do this standing and wearing socks
  • Measure the length (cm) straight from your longest toe to the back of your foot using a ruler or measuring tape.
  • Use the chart to find your size.


Women's Caribou Thermoplus® Boot Liner + Snow Cuff 3.6 5 52 52
New Liners I was well over due for some new liners. Very glad I read the reviews. They run extremely small, like everyone states. I orderd an 8 and I wear a 6-1/2. Perfect choice. As long as you are aware of the sizing issue when ordering - you should be good to go. :) Love them! December 10, 2014
Brilliant idea This boot design is brilliant! Warm insert gets wet...slip in a fresh one and you're good to go while the other one dries. December 4, 2014
Caribou Liners Fit a lot tighter than the original liners. My Caribous are about 30 years old and in great shape. I question whether I can wear a sock in them; certainly not a heavy sock. But since the dog ate my original ones I need them. Thanks for the prompt delivery. March 14, 2014
not true to size- These inserts are not at all true to size! Order a size or two larger than your shoe size. March 3, 2014
Boot liner insert i have worn my Sorel's for over 12 years and finally the liner gave out. The new liner is not wool but seems to work well, fit in boot is good and it keeps my feet warm and comfortable. Right now, the liner is tight and will definitely need to be broken in some. The upper front portion of the liner is sewn to the top with an expandable material that most definitely needs to be more expandable or left open completely. Right now, it is a struggle to get foot in boot. Overall, i would rather pay $43 for liners rather that $140 for new boots! February 28, 2014
Thermoplus liner I have an older boot from when Sorel and Eddie Bauer made a boot. The liner didn't work for me. it didn't stay in the book and fit on my foot so tightly that I had a hard time getting it on and off I had to return it. Hoping to find something at works for my boot. February 14, 2014
Caribou boot liners I ordered the Thermoplus Boot Liner+Snow Cuff and received them within a week. They fit my aged Caribou boots perfectly and I have found them comfortable and warm. My old liners were totally worn out; I am so happy to have these replacements! February 13, 2014
Like the old inserts better. I love my Sorel boots! I have had them for 2 years and wear them constantly. Even so, the soles show hardly any wear. The inserts however, were due for replacement. Was very excited to get the new inserts but was disappointed with the fit. The shaft seems to be much more narrow and it clings to my leg and ankle making it impossible to take the boot off without taking the insert with it. And then taking the insert off is another struggle. The foot part fits great and getting them on is not a problem and if I'm not wearing socks, neither is taking them off. But who wears winter boots without socks? Disappointed. February 1, 2014
size is too small The liners are very warm but are not true to size. I had read previous reviews but still ordered the correct size. I wear a size 7 boot and had ordered the size 7 liners. I had to return the size 7 and order the size 8 liners. I received these and they fit better but are still very tight in the calf. I took the advice of others and cut the liners down the center (this is how the old liners were made) which was the only way to get both my foot and the liner in the boot. The company should look at going back to the old style. Saying all this my boots are over 25 years old and are still the warmest things I've ever worn! January 28, 2014
Caribou 9mm Thermoplus Innerboot & Cuff liners Like all of the other comments from people, I too had to cut these liners right down the front. And only then was I able to get my foot into it. Once I got them into the boot they were fine. Nice and warm. I did have to add a velcro strap so it stays closed where I cut the front so the snow won't get into the boot. Otherwise, these are really a great liner. January 28, 2014
small, but warm The overall quality is great. I thought I was ordering a size larger than I needed, but seemed smaller instead. Too small for socks, but feet were still warm while working outside for several hours. January 25, 2014
Too narrow It's much more narrow than the original liner. Makes it hard to have good circulation so instead of keeping the feet warm it makes ones feet more likely to get COLD! January 21, 2014
Where is the wool? My Sorel Caribou boots are about 20 years old. I was extremely dissappointed that I can not buy the real wool inserts just like the original. this used to be the only boot ski lift operators would wear. What happend to this great classic brand?? January 19, 2014
Boot liners I bought these liners to replace worn out ones for a pair of Sorrel Caribou boots I was given as a gift about 20 years ago. My original liners were 100 percent wool and I was disappointed that wool liners are no longer available. My original liners were white and the replacements I bought were gray with a white cuff. Unlike my original liners, the elastic which attaches the front edges of the liner goes all the way up the liner in stead of just on the bottom. This made it challenging to get the liner on and off my foot. It took some effort to get the liner in the boot but it fits perfectly. It has definitely been more challenging to get my feet in and out of my Sorrels with the new liners but it becomes easier each subsequent time. The boots are comfortable once on and have been used on several hikes since I got the new liners. January 15, 2014
Great replacement for an old boot liner! I ordered this liner to replace an old boot liner which had been left in the boot in damp conditions to mold & mildew. I was delighted to find this "perfect-fit" liner which I ordered in the same size (Women 6) my old boot liner was. Because it is a snug fit (slighty smaller than true size) placing a heavy sock in it would not work. But the liner is warm enough that I have been comfortable with a light weight wool or cotton sock. The snow cuff protects nicely from deep snow getting down in the boot. To install the liner I placed my foot in the liner & then as if it were a sock... shoved it into the boot. Worked well as it is a snug fit! January 3, 2014
tight fit these replacement liners are a very tight fit but I recall having the same issue when I originally bought the boots but that as I wore them it became easier to get off and on as the liner shaped to my foot. I am hoping it will be a quick adjustment with these replacements January 1, 2014
Women's Caribou Boot Liner + Snow Cuff I bought a pair a men's size 7 Caribou's 25 years ago. I tried to purchase a men's size 7 liner, but they were out of stock, so I purchased a women's size 9. They are excellent! They fit nicely on my feet and in the boot. The new liner is structured a little differently from the original liner with the front elastic going all the way up to the snow cuff. I had to snip it about 3 inches so I could take the boots off. Otherwise, great liner! January 1, 2014
Sorel footware Sorel products have been keeping my feet warm for nearly 35 years. I used to work in the building trades and winters in the Midwest were miserable until I was introduced to Sorel "pack boots". I would change the felt liner and my socks at lunch time and have worked outside in temperatures as low as -11 F. It's been my pleasure to introduce others to the best solution for cold feet and just purchased my wife a pair of Caribou boots with extra liners. My local vendor is Fin & Feather in Iowa City and they are knowledgeable and honest. When I inquired about ordering an extra pair of felt liners they told me that they could do that but that it would be less expensive for me to order directly from Sorel. I appreciate that kind of honesty and that's why I always buy from Fin & Feather. December 30, 2013
Replacement Liner for 25 year old Sorel Boots The liners are well constructed. The front of the liner has an elastic like expanding panel. It does not expand enough to get your foot into the liner in the boot. I cut the panel lengthwise down to the felt so that it would expand, the original liners had an elastic band that expanded more than the replacement liners. Sorel should return to this design. Over all I am satisfied with the product. December 28, 2013
great boots I have had my sorrels for a number of years and decided to replace the liners. WOW, that was the best decision I made. They were easy to get into the boot and they were true to size. If your thinking about it do it. December 26, 2013
Linner too tight at opening to easily slip foot in Liner open needs to have more stretch to be able to insert foot without having to push and pull to get on and off. I like the liner but will need to make a slit or unstich Yothe seam to make opening wider. My foot is average 8 December 19, 2013
Women's Caribou Sorel liners The liner is smaller than it is advertised. I had read that before, so I ordered a size larger and that seemed to work for me. I had to cut the elastic in the front as I could not get the liner on and in the boot. This is important for the day to day slip your boots on to take the trash out. With the elastic cut they work out fine. I was scared when they came and were so thin. Much thinner than my old liners. But they are just as warm. The ruff sits up higher than my old liners, but they work out fine. April 5, 2013
the changes to the liner reduced the quality I have had a pair of Sorel Caribou boots for about 16 years. Great boots!!! The initial liners that I had lasted all this time. I finally ordered this replacement pair and the style had changed. In addition to the sizing seeming a bit smaller than previous (even though I ordered the same size) they now have a panel that goes almost all the way to the top in the front of the liner, which made it nearly impossible to pull them on. After struggling for nearly a month, I had to take a scissors and cut this panel (thank heaven its not fabric that ravels) about 3+" down the center to accommodate the 'putting on' of the liners. As I was doing this I noticed that, had I not done this, the stitching that holds the panel onto the liner was coming apart. Thankfully, no loss of warmth has occurred with this surgical operation. Sorel was such a great brand, which I have bragged about for years. It's just too bad that this happened. March 8, 2013
Caribou boot liner The liner stood way too high above the boot. It was also too tight fitting that trying to break it in wasn't an option. I was forced to go back to using the old liner and deal with it. I was really disappointed and didn't send the product back - too much of a hassle. February 16, 2013
Very Narrow Fit I love that new liners could breathe new life into my very old (20+ years), but still in great condition boots. My boots are a size 7, and I couldn't even get my foot into the size 7 liner. The size 8 works in my boots, and for my foot, but they are very narrow, and fit very snug. And I have narrow feet! Getting my boots off is a challenge. I'm hoping they will stretch out a bit in time. I recommend this product with reservation. February 1, 2013
too tight, too long I read all the reviews before I bought it, and was afraid that it would not fit, so I called the company before ordering. The man told me that it should fit.....do not buy a larger size. WRONG!!! It is way too tight. And the other problem is, it is to long. It sticks out about 1 1/2 -2 inches over my boot, which makes it very ugly to wear. Why can't they make the same. DONT BUY January 30, 2013
Excellent quality but cannot get foot into liner I ordered this liner for my wife's 30 year old Caribous. This liner is excellent quality but is not usable because of the way they have closed off the ankle area. Even out of the boot, my wife could not get her foot in the liner. The old boots are listed as women's and size 5 (I assume that is men's sizing) I ordered size 7 liners which were pretty close to the old ones (my wife wears a women's size 6 1/2). I had to return the liners which cost me $15 UPS. grrrrrrr :-( I re-ordered the 1964 liner with the cuff and it fit perfectly, although not as thick as the original ones. January 29, 2013
Insert too tight I ordered and received a size 7 boot liner. The liner is too small at the ankle to even get my foot into it. I will probably need to cut the front of the liner open to get my foot in. I would recommend the liner because of their warmth but with a warning about their fit. January 21, 2013
sorel liners--not what they used to be they are so tightly sewed up the whole length that you can't get your foot in. These are way too small. IF you get your foot in and IF you can get it in your boot, then maybe....but mine don't work. I am afraid that if I ordered a bigger size I would have to snip the sewed up part down the front and risk that they won't fit in my boot...and then I wouldn't be able to return them. Dilemma! January 18, 2013
Not a perfect fit, but pretty good. The new liner sticks up above the top of the boot, which doesn't look quite right. Other than that, it seems fine. January 15, 2013
FIT IS TOO SMALL!! I have had my Sorels for many years and my liners are more holes than not at this point. I gambled on ordering the same size as my originals and lost (yes I had read the other reviews). Too short AND too narrow. I'm going to try the next size up but if that does not work I guess I'll be changing manufacturer's. I'm also hoping that the next size up will allow me to get my foot into the liner a little easier but something really needs to be done with the height of the elastic in the front - too tall! January 9, 2013
Every year Every year I buy new liners for my Sorels. I have never had a problem with the new liners till this year. It took much effort to get my foot into the boot and even greater effort to get my foot out of the boot. There was ample space once my foot was in the liner so it was not because it was too small. It was elastic was too tight. Now I can pull the boot off with a little effort, but I am still not able to just pull it off with the other boot. I believe this liner will last me two years. January 1, 2013
extra small I ordered a half size larger. The boot liner was extreamly small. December 26, 2012
Stinky No More! My Caribou boots are 10 years old ... the outer shell is still in wonderful condition ... but the liner was getting a bit ... how can I put this ... stinky and nasty. The new liners have brought new life to a great boot! December 19, 2012
Caribou boot liner The new, higher, elastic front is too tight, it was necessary to cut it down. Otherwise there's nothing warmer during these Minnesota winters. November 29, 2012
Disappointed I am in the process of returning these boot liners. My Sorels are a longtime favorite and I was excited to get a new pair of liners without replacing the entire boot. I ordered the same size as the original boot and the liners were way too small. Guess I will live with the old ones for now! November 29, 2012
Boot liner the replacement liner is much more narrower than the original. I have a high arch and couldn't get into it. Even though it has a stretch panel in the front it is not wide enough and i ended up cutting it down the front so I could use them November 24, 2012
Love my Boots! My 10+ year old Sorel boots have walked many miles of NE winters and this year they will keep me warm and dry again. Customer service helped me match up my vintage footwear with awesome new liners. Very pleased here. November 6, 2012
boot liner with cuff How nice to find liners for my Sorel boots that are still in good condition. Now I don't have to invest in another pair of boots when I only needed the liner. Now bring on the snow.....but not too soon please. The liner fits perfectly. I clean my horses stall for over an hour each morning and these boots/liner keep my feet nice and warm on even the coldest day. Thanks Sorel for this great product. October 26, 2012
This product saved my 1973 Caribou boots Expediency of shipping: excellent. Knowledge and assistance of phone personnel: excellent Quality of product: excellent Fit: Perfect The only thing I was disappointed in after seeing the picture on the internet was the quality and "fakeness" of the cuff. I thought it would be more natural looking. Even the one shown above has more texture to it. March 22, 2012
Nice job! My boots were stored in the garage. A squirrel decided to make a home in my boot. My husband evicted it, ordered new liners and they were here really fast and fit the boot perfectly! Now if only the snow would come!! February 13, 2012
Another 25 years! I am another customer who has had my Sorel boots for over 25+ years. They might just last another 25 now! These are the warmest, driest boots imaginable. After so many years the new liners slipped right in, exactly the same size as the boot. Thank you Sorel - this type of quality is so rare! February 4, 2012
Peeerrect!! I just purchased the liner and snow cuff for my boos and they fell like new boots. I have had these sorel"s for a loong time. They are perfect I live outside of Denver about 7000 feet and they are still in perfect condition, like brand new. January 15, 2012
Good As New! I bought my Sorel Manitou boots 24 years ago, and I've loved them ever since. When I tried my daughter's new Sorels on, I realized that my liners felt matted and were not as warm as her new ones, so I ordered new liners, and they're wonderful! They're warm, soft and comfortable, and they make my boots feel new. I would recommend these liners to anyone who spends time in cold weather. January 13, 2012
Another 25 years of life Wow - so glad I finally ordered new liners for my 25 year old Sorel boots. Now I can use them another 25 years or more! Thanks Sorel January 9, 2012
My "NEW" 30 year old boots I had to purchase new liners for my family's 4 pairs of 30 year old Sorels after the chipmuncks decided to make nests in them. I bought 2 CARIBOU 9MM THERMOPLUS INNERBOOT + CUFF and 2 CARIBOU 9MM THERMOPLUS INNERBOOT. The 2 pair with cuffs are very tight in the instep, but I'm sure they can be stretched out. Thanks to the new liners, my boots are like new. Now, does anyone know how to get rid of chipmunks? December 31, 2011
Good liners! I've owned my pacs for 28 years and have bought new liners about half a dozen times. This liner is a totally new *type* for me and I am anxious to see how it performs. It is totally enclosed and where I see that as good, I have noticed that I tend to pull it out of my boot every time I take my boots off. I will see how long that lasts... It's been cold and my feet have been toasty : ) December 24, 2011
warm and fits well the sizes are so strange for SOREL. I tried on size 5 boots and they fit! I wear a 7 1/2 in normal shoes. So I bought the size 5 insole because they needed a better one. Fits great but I can't believe my feet fit in a size 5! December 23, 2011
Too Tall Same, great Sorel quality, but my women's Caribou's are 13 years old and the design of the liner has changed, so the "snow cuff" is over an inch above the top of my boot. I'll keep the liner, as they don't have a shorter liner, and I'm sure they'll work just fine. December 13, 2011
Warm and comfortable So glad I bought these liners - my boots are like new!! December 7, 2011
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