Men's 1964 PAC T Recycled Felt Boot Liner

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Men's 1964 PAC T Recycled Felt Boot Liner





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Boot liners

These are great liners . The original liners finally wore out after 36 years . The replacement liners fit well and seem like they will last at least another 36 years . I would recommend these liners .


Location: Western Oklahoma

Aug 17, 2014


helpful customer service, prompt shipping, excellent quality.


Location: Brainerd, mn

Jan 30, 2014


WONDERFUL, WARM, COMFORTABLE, PERFECT, NICE, ETC I tried other liners that were made in another country and they were TERRIBLE!


Location: St. Cloud MN

Jan 29, 2014

Alaska to Vermont

I bought my Sorel Caribous in 1982 when I lived in Alaska. After living in Virginia for many years I recently moved to Vermont and have a greater need for my boots. The shape of the boot has changed over the years and it took awhile to get a proper fit for the boot liner. There is nothing like a great pair of Sorel Caribous for the snowy winter in Vermont


Location: Upper Valley, VT

Jan 26, 2014

Great Liners for My Non-Sorel Boots

Ten years ago I bought some winter boots branded for a local Sporting Goods store. They were made to look like Sorel winter boots. The liners wore out years ago making them less than fun to wear. In my search for replacement liners, I found many positive reviews from the Sorel sight. So I ordered the same size liner as my boot size. They came quickly and fit my boots better then the originals. Thanks, Sorel, for making my boots like new again.


Location: Rochester, MI

Jan 24, 2014

Replace after 24 Years

Sorel makes an amazing product. I purchased my Pac books in 1989 and after 24 years of use in Colorado's and Wyoming winters, I finally had to replace the liners. Wouldn't it be nice if all gear was made this tough and lasted this long. I hope to get another 24 years out of these boots. The boots have been used for work around our mountain homes (shoveling snow, cutting/chopping firewood, etc.), hiking, and snowshoeing. Take care of the boots and they will take care of you!


Location: Big Horn, WY

Jan 23, 2014

My 30 Year old boots new again

I was going to toss my old Sorels, that I got as a teenager for skiing. But I heard about this site and I am glad I went online and bought these. My old liners wouldn't keep my feet warm anymore, but these work awesome below zero F. Been using them all week and sure am glad I didn't buy new boots. My style wasn't exactly the same as listed so I looked at my liners and compared to basically the 2 styles still made. My liner is maybe 1" taller and has black on top, instead of the old white, but they work just the same. My boots weren't wore out, Sorel makes the best boots period!


Location: Detroit, MI

Jan 22, 2014

Old Boots.....Great fit.

These liners were to replace a pair in boots I have had for 25 years. They fit beautifully and are real nice and warm. These boots last forever, I hope I'll be able to continue to by these replacements.


Location: Wisconsin

Jan 21, 2014

Great replacement

I have an old pair of Sorels (Bought in 1992...) that were great but my feet got cold wearing them for the first time earlier this winter. Saw other reviews that said the same thing... guess 20 years and a lot of wear takes it toll on everything. The new liners are awesome - feet are back to being warm and comfortable. Amazing how compressed the lining gets after that many years - feel like new boots! Thanks Sorel for making it easy to keeping a great thing going.


Location: MidWest

Jan 21, 2014

toasty and dry

This is just the product I needed to fit into my ol' Sorels. They are warm and will hold up to the coldest test in our snowy winters.


Location: Spokane, WA

Jan 20, 2014

like new boots

I can't even remember when i bought my Sorels, it was so long ago, but they feel like new again. Vermont had 60hrs straight of below 0 (F) temps to start the year, but my feet were toasty with my new inserts.


Location: Burlington, Vermont

Jan 18, 2014

What I was looking for

Product was what I expected and arrived at a time it was supposed to after it was ordered.Could not expect more!


Location: Wyandotte, Mich.

Jan 17, 2014

Replacement liner

Great product, excellent arrival time.


Location: brockport ny

Jan 17, 2014

great fit,

great fit, very warm, just what I was looking for.


Location: vermont

Jan 13, 2014

Felt boot liner

Awesome!!!! They were just what I wanted. The liners fit perfectly. They were exactly the same quality of the originals and the price was right. Great service to boot. Thank so much!


Location: Syracuse,NY

Jan 12, 2014

New liners for old feet...

Been looking around for some time, trying to buy new liners. One person told me about your web site. Wish I would have looked sooner. Now have beautiful warm feet . Thank You, Sorel. They fit my 1980 pair of ArticPac perfectly. Have to go now - got more snow to shovel. Thanks again.


Location: Twin Cities, Mn.

Jan 1, 2014

perfect fit and comfy

service great- worth the price


Location: new hampshire

Dec 31, 2013

Great product for replacement

Although I was nervous about not getting the exact size 10.5, the size 10 works fine. It's a good product and similar to the original.


Location: Denver Colorado

Dec 4, 2013

Excellent purchase

I was in need to replace the boot liners inside my 20+ year old Sorel boots and found the replacement liners online from the Sorel company. Right fit, good price translates as great for me but not so great for Sorel as the boots are now good for another 20 + years.


Location: West Mifflin, Pa.

Dec 3, 2013

great liners

I had a 36 yr old pair of sorel pac boots. the rep walked me through the process and I am now good for another 36! My new liners fit perfectly.


Location: pennsylvania

Nov 24, 2013

perfect fit.

not cold enough outside yet,wore them around the house for an hour,feel really nice but took them off--much to hot.


Location: millsboro,de.

Nov 17, 2013

felt liners

The pac liners are a perfect fit, but won't know how well they work until winter comes...................


Location: Wisconsin

Jul 12, 2013

Felt boot liner - recycled

Perfect match for the one I finally wore out (with the help of mice who love chewing up the felt) after 24 years. Easy to find what I wanted and even easier to order. This is the way companies are supposed to support their product line.


Location: Lexington, KY (formerly Rochester, MN)

Jun 25, 2013

30 yr old Sorel Scouts

My 30 plus year old Sorel Scouts needed new liners and the factory helped me out in this selection. The liners fit my old boots which were made in Canada very well. Thanks for great Help!


Location: Minneapolis,Mn.

May 11, 2013

Unexpected service

C,mom, it speaks for itself that I can go on the Sorel website, search for felt liners to replace my 30 year-old Caribou liners, and there they were. No problem. Ordered them up, delivered in a week and Bob's your uncle. Good as new, maybe better! Thanks Sorel. Uncommon commitment to long standing customers, when you could have forced me to go out and buy a new pair of boots. Good job.


Location: New Jersey

Mar 23, 2013

Very pleased with this product. Fit is great. warm and comfortable even in my aalmost 20 year old boots.

Fit is great. warm and comfortable even in my almost 20 year old boots.


Location: Bow NH

Mar 17, 2013

Replacement Liners for my 20 yo boots!

I have some very old Sorel's and they needed new liners. The boots truly are lifetime boots. The model was discontinued but that did not stop the customer service team. They told me how to measure the boots and what liners would most likely work. I ordered them and they fit perfectly! Thank you for assistance!


Location: Newport RI

Mar 12, 2013

Overall, a well-made replacement.

My boots are actually the Caribou model and approximately 18 yrs old. I trial-fitted Caribou liners at my local Dick's Sporting Goods (removed from new boots) and was not pleased with the fit. They were also not available for purchase. The 1964's I tried fit well and so I ordered those instead. Very good fit. I do wish the seams were bound with cloth tape as were the originals, but they do fit well and they are warm. Other than that, I do wish they had been produced in Canada. Sincerely, Will S


Location: Kingston, NY

Mar 9, 2013

1964 Pac T Felt Boot Liner

After 30 years of wearing my sorel boots the felt liner finally wore out. Purchased the Pac T felt liner to replace my old liners and they fit perfect, just like the originals. I'm good to go for another 30 years.


Location: North Dakota

Feb 27, 2013


Warm and cozy. Perfect fit in my 20-year old boots.


Location: Northern Michigan

Feb 25, 2013

Great insert

Just what I wanted, great fit, excellent warmth.


Location: Rockford, il

Feb 23, 2013

A Boot to Last a Lifetime - A Liner To Fit

After years of winters using my Sorel boots, it was time to hunt down replacement liners. I thought I would never find them again. To my surprise, I found not only the liners, but in my size (I bought mens version years ago) and they arrived quickly! Wearing these boots is like having slippers on your feet. My feet stay warm, dry and never a blister. Thanks!


Location: Connecticut

Feb 15, 2013

Old boots need a new liner

Excellent liners. I ordered the liners for a very old pair of boots. They fit perfectly and are better than the originals. Very comfortable.


Location: Renton, WA

Jan 22, 2013

Great way to revive your old sorels.

Comfortable fit - my old liners had worn out - nice to have dry, warm feet again. Liners are a bit taller than the old ones but not an issue for me.


Location: Albuquerque, Nm

Jan 20, 2013

Great Replacement, but...

What can I say? SOREL continues to make high quality products, there is no mistaking that. The fibers in the recycled felt keep your feet toasty warm, and the snugg fit resembles a ski boot. That is where the problem lies. There is room for one improvement. I happen to have a thicker, wider foot and it did not slide into the liner because the reinforced heel area was too thin for my heel. This means I push down the whole back support, crunching it at the bottom of the boot, defeating the purpose of SOREL double stitching that area with reinforced materials. Other than that, I totally recommend this product.


Location: Montréal

Jan 15, 2013

New Boots

Everything is fine so long as you remember to order the size a little large


Location: Mil;waukee, WI

Jan 14, 2013

Totally satisfied.

Liners were purchased for Sorel boots that are several years old and have stood the test of time. We expected the liners to be up to Sorel quality and they were. Thanks!


Location: Madison, WI

Jan 11, 2013


Thnks for the free shipping the second time around when the first liner wouldn't allow my foot to slide in.


Location: Hoffman Estates, IL

Jan 2, 2013

Tried and True

My adult son asked for new liners for Christmas. His Sorels are about 14 years old. He refuses to get new ones because he says the old ones are perfectly good still!


Location: Minnesota

Dec 31, 2012

make my old sorels like new

My sorel boots were 20 years old, and these new inserts have made them comfortable to wear again.


Location: Indianapolis

Dec 25, 2012


excellent they fit great


Location: heber city utah

Dec 13, 2012


I bought these for my husbands boots. Someone gave him the boots minus the insert so I looked on your website and found these and they fit just perfectly. The quality is excellent, of course, the brand name says it all. I am very happy with our purchase.


Location: Athens, AL

Dec 12, 2012

not felt

felt is made from wool fibers but this "felt" liner is made from polyester and polypropylene. wool is a great fiber because it retains warmth when wet. do you know how wet polyester feels? if you get water in your boot or sweat when snowshoeing or hiking, imagine what you feet will feel like in frigid weather. i thought i would get 'the real thing' by buying sorel. i should have bought the $19 real wool felt liners on the other site.


Location: upstate ny

Dec 6, 2012

Warm, wonderful, and true to size

The new replacement insoles were much needed for 2 pairs of boots that were over 20 years old, but the outside of the boots were in great condition. A mouse got into the liners in one pair of boots that were not being used as much and made quite a warm home. The other pair of boots was greatly used and the liners finally wore out. We were glad that the liners arrived before the first big Colorado snow storm. Our toes will be happy and warm this winter.

Oct 20, 2012

Comfortable and Warm

These felt inner boots are so warm and comfortable that I sometimes wear them without the outer boots in the house. And of course the boots are great outdoors in the winter. I wonder why Sorel's sizes are so small. I wear a size 7 Sorel boot (and inner boot), but I normally wear size 9.


Location: Portland, OR

Apr 4, 2012

Boot Liners

I was very relieved to find that the liners fit almost perfect. Very nice product.

Feb 29, 2012


After 18 winters it was about time to replace my liners. These seem of high quality and fit well. A bit taller than my old ones but fully serviceable. I'm ready for a few more winters before I replace the boots...maybe by then Sorel will have some of their line produced in the US again...


Location: PA

Feb 24, 2012

Sorel Pac Boot Liners

I have had my Sorel pac boots for over 25 years and this year during elk hunt they started wearing a blister on my ankle. I notice that the felt liner had broken down and was causing the blister. I went to the Sorel website and found my 1964 pac boot liner and it fits perfectly. I now have "new" boots. Thanks Sorel! Mark


Location: University Place, WA

Feb 12, 2012

New liners

I have had my trusty Sorel's for over 25 years, and it was more that time to get new liners. My feet are very happy. I will not wait another 25 years for the next replacements.


Location: Brighton, MI

Feb 7, 2012

Felt LinerJerry

The new felt liner I bought is a little taller than the original boots that I bought in Chicago at Target back in 1992 or 93, but they fit fine and I like the black fur around the top . The original black Sorel's were on sale for $39.95 back then. I wear the boots without a sock most of the time except when ice fishing; then I use a silk liner sock. I still can't believe the prices on some of the boots--$450.00!!OMG in your catalogue. I guess there are alot of rich folks out there. Anyway, your product is great and thanks for making it. Jerry


Location: Upstate New York

Feb 1, 2012

Just fine

I got these as replacement liners for an older pair of standard issue Sorels. The liners seem just fine, are well sized, have functioned well out cutting wood. Maybe the replacement liners are a tad thinner than I remember the originals, but I can't be sure, I'm over 50. I like that tey're at least in part recycled material, think they're just fine.


Location: Bellingham, WA

Jan 31, 2012

perfect fit and good quality

consistent with sorel high quality at surprisingly good price. warm


Location: Athens, OH

Jan 23, 2012

Approaching 30 Years!

I originally purchased my Sorel Pac boots in 1983 and they are still in great shaped after nearly 30 years, but of course I've had to replace the liners several times in that period. Just received my 1964 Pac T felt liners and now my boots feel as good as new. Even got to shovel some snow within 24 hours of receiving the new liners! They fit the boot perfectly, and I really like the reinforced heel. These liners are so warm & comfortable I rarely even wear socks during my early morning shoveling around the house. Thanks Sorel for keeping these liners available!


Location: Arvada, Colorado

Jan 9, 2012

Always Great Product

Just bought a set of these babies for my 20yr old Boots...Warm, Great Fit...Being on Ski Patrol they will get a lot of use...Thanks Sorel...Never Compromise!


Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA

Jan 4, 2012

Got new liners for my husband's Sorels...about 20 years old!

My husband has been wearing the same pair of Sorel's now for at least 20 years. The liner was pretty much shredded, so on a whim he put "new liners" on his Christmas wish list. I found them on the web site and placed the order. They fit perfectly and he is thrilled!


Location: Minnetonka MN

Jan 2, 2012

felt liner for older boots

Thanks for a great fit for a pair of older Sorrel boots. The new liners were too large, but these fit perfectly. Thank you for offering this style. Highly recommended.


Location: oklahoma

Dec 27, 2011

Great Product

I love these boots. I have had them over 30 years and they look like they can go another 30 years great investment. I didn't realize you can get inserts for them. I am please with my new inserts


Location: Columbia,CT

Dec 26, 2011

Boot Liners

I am thankful for the new liners . My boots have not been worn out only the liners it was good to be able to get the rest of use for my boots.


Location: Parker ,Colorado

Dec 21, 2011

Liner in Caribou boot

I have an older pair of Sorel Caribou boots that I have had for around 20 years. The heal on the liners had worn through and needed replacing. These liners fit perfect. They are not too tall for these boots. I would recommend them to any on for replacement liners. I am looking forward to many more years with these boots and liners.

Dec 4, 2011

Fine but not all that warm

The liners were fine, a little too big for an older style boot. Used them when the air temp was below 20 degrees and feet got cold, not much protection unless moving around. Will be looking for a new pair of boots next year.


Location: Elk River, MN

Nov 23, 2011

Fantastic replacement

I've had my Sorel boots for almost ten years now and was saddened when the lining finally wore out on me. Luckily I was able to find these incredible replacements. They are warm and comfortable and I know will keep my feet from freezing off in these upstate New York winters.

Nov 15, 2011


The liners are perfect just a little bit taller than the old ones, but the boots are good again


Location: michigan

Mar 19, 2011

now what I was looking for

I have a pair of old Manitou boots. needed a set of new liners. didn't want white fur, so got these with black fur at the top. Just sent them back as they are too tall. will get a pair of liners without fur so that I can cut them off at the proper height for my boots. Could be good liners, just didn't fit my boots.


Location: Bird Island, MN

Mar 18, 2011