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You heard right: this beautiful, exclusive version of the Caribou is made out of stingray leather. You know, the aquatic kind. Each boot is crafted from an entire stingray hide, a rich, pebbled material so durable, it’s been known to break the needles used to stitch it. And because stingrays have only one eye surrounded by silvery skin, you’ll find a shimmering silver mark on just one of the boots. All the tried-and-true Caribou features are also there, like seam-sealed waterproof performance, a removable felted wool and shearling InnerBoot, and our iconic vulcanized rubber shell with Sorel AeroTrac™ non-loading outsole. It’s our most durable, luxurious Caribou yet, and it’s being offered on a limited-edition basis, so get yours while they last.

  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction with a stingray leather upper
  • Shearling snow cuff
  • Removable 6mm felted wool and shearling leather Innerboot
  • 2.5mm bonded frost plug
  • Handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell with Sorel AeroTrac non-loading outsole
  • Imported

Men's Caribou™ Stingray

Men's Caribou™ Stingray 4.3 5 3 3
Expensive but a Good Investment I bought a pair of these babies at the end of last winter but didn't get to use them much until recently. We're having a cold winter here in Moscow, and with temps in the -20s, they have been very useful during my 3km (each way) commute to work and back. First impression is that they're made of some alien skin. As someone mentioned already, the super shiny and pebbly texture doesn't come through fully in the photos. They're also HUGE. I wear 11 or 12, so my feet look large in any footwear, but these boots are simply enormous. They're really only suitable for outdoor use, and I take them off immediately when I get to my office and slip into a pair of loafers.As you could imagine, they are very warm. I've worn them in -25C with no socks and my feet were not cold in the least. The sheepskin insert is silky soft, though there parts in the ankle portion of the boot that poke through sometimes after a long walk and irritate. Admittedly this happened to me more when I first wore them and less frequently now. Could also be exacerbated by my tucking jeans into the boot lining.Grip on snow and ice is very good, but I wouldn't say excellent. Due to the deep tread, snow will often accumulate in it and then I'll get a thrill ride after stepping on some ice!I would recommend them to anyone needing super warm boots while still wanting to look unique. I don't know how common they are in North America, but I've never seen another pair in Russia, nor has anyone I've met.I know I'm not supposed to mention price, but I was a bit bummed to see that the price has dropped $200 since I bought them last year. Good news for you shoppers, though! :) February 2, 2012
The last pair of boots I will buy in my life... Write a review? - Okay, growing up I was fortunate enough to make the All Stars and play hockey in Canada a couple of years. PS-We never won a game. LOL! But the kids I hung out with wore Sorels. My Dad even bought a pair and I have pictures of him in the Curling house. Priceless. For slipping out and into your skates, there is nothing better. My wife bought me a pair of 1964 Premiums in 1980 after we got married and moved to Michigan. I wore them ice fishing, log splitting and ice skating. Here it is 2012 and the top of the rubber sole finally failed and blew a hole. I still fixed it with a tire patch and walk the dogs in them. LOL! All of this to try a justify why I would spend so much money on a pair of boots. Memories! If these boots last as long as the last pair I bought, I'll be too old to wear them out. Sorel, the BEST!!! January 16, 2012
Exotica! I love the unusual sparkly look of the stingray hide, especially the left boot with the silvery stingray eye on it. They look much more exotic in real life than in web photos. I have only had them for 3 weeks, and have used them in several skiing trips. I cannot comment on their durability. They were made in China (instead of Canada). While the stingray hide is tough, I don't know if the lower rubber portion or the hide-rubber seam will last a couple of decades like the old Sorels. Stitching that attaches hide to rubber lack precision. Inner boot insulation is passable. Sole has no shock absorption and insulation just above the sole is skimpy. Tread provides good traction on snow and ice, but these boots are not designed for hiking or long marches. They have kept my feet dry so far. For the price, I am paying for the fashion statement or form. Substance requires the test of time. March 11, 2011
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