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A molded EVA midsole helps this boot stay light and provides a closer foot fit for enhanced performance; the Polar Lite™ shell, multi-directional rubber lugged sole, removable felt liner and seam-sealed construction keep you warm, dry, protected and stable during activities in cold, challenging winter weather conditions.

  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • Waterproof synthetic textile upper
  • Built-in gaiter with barrel lock closure system
  • Shatter-resistant YKK Shokonloc™ buckle closure
  • Reflective safety graphics
  • Removable 9mm Sorel Recycled Felt liner
  • 25mm bonded felt frost plug
  • 9mm felt footbed
  • Molded EVA midsole for enhanced comfort, weight reduction and thermal protection
  • Polar Lite™ shell for enhanced flexibility in extreme temperatures
  • Traction enhancing multi-directional rubber lug outsole
  • Shaft Height: 13 in / 33 cm
  • Weight: 42 oz / 1191 g
  • Sorel rated: -60° fahrenheit / -51.5° Celsius
  • Imported

    PU backed synthetic textile
    9mm Sorel Recycled Felt
    9mm felt
    Molded EVA

Men's Alpha Pac™ Boot

Men's Alpha Pac™ Boot 4.3 5 15 16
MoonBoot replacement I needed new winter boots and remembered how comfy my 70's Moonboots were. (though still too bulky) This Sorel version brought that style back with a more sophisticated design that is fully-functional, comfy and stylish. The two adjustment straps give you some well needed snugness for surefootedness. Not planning on being in the arctic tundra so these should suit my needs even if it's all day snowmobiling or winter hiking. I'm sure they could be made less expensively but why compromise on quality for your feet. I look forward to wearing these in many years to come. December 22, 2013
Great shoes These shoes are warm and light. I have no trouble walking up and down hills ect. I was able to stand out in the cold for very long periods of time, without freezing my feet off. I recommend these shoes to anyone who works outside in the winter. February 25, 2013
Not for Hard Winter Use. Got a pair of these Alpha Pac for ice fishing, snowshoeing and other winter activities. Very warm for the weight and size, but they are not durable or waterproof. Water resistant maybe.The real problem with them though is the stitching joining the rubber lower to the fabric upper let go after two months of heavy use. Out in conditions from -40f to 20f. Water from drilling the holes got in the stitching I think. Then when it froze it wore on the stitching. Couple that with the flexing from walking and I think that's what made it let go.If you just want something to get you to the mall and back these will look good doing it, and keep you warm. You want something that will get through a whole winter of ice fishing and trekking, look elsewhere. January 4, 2013
Excellent Boot With Minor Misgivings Living in Iqaluit, Nunavut in Canada's Arctic I needed a reliable, lightweight and (most of all) WARM boot. The Alpha Pac had the mobility I needed to be unencumbered while walking (at least 4 km/day), the durability to get through it all (snowmobiling, ocean pack-ice, craggy rocks), and the warmth to withstand the worst of the arctic winter (coldest I had the boots was -58 degrees centigrade - my feet were happily toasty). A VERY nice boot for anyone looking to stay warm and maintain mobility.I have few misgivings about the boot, and what problems I have are relatively minor. I think it's important to be aware of the little things beforehand - so they don't catch you by surprise.1 - When you stand on ice and aren't moving it does get a little chilly. Building igloos for a couple hours on ice was a little chilly, even with the air being only -10 degrees.2 - The elastic draw strings are efficient means of securing the boot. Unfortunately they are the weakest piece of the boot. I was wary of these bands, treated them with care, and still they broke (albeit after 3 months of daily use).3 - Sizing. Make sure you buy the boots snug. You won't need to pack in extra thick socks (as was advised by my salesman). The boots insulate well enough on their own.4 - Water. While accidentally stepping through the ice I did get water in my boot - not much, but enough to give me a bit of a shock while a few kilometres from town. However, I should qualify this by saying that while they did leak, my foot remained warm all the way home (despite the soaker).This is by far the best winter boot I have ever worn. I would highly recommend it to anyone. April 16, 2012
GREAT COMPANY - TERRIBLE BOOT THE TAG SAYS - WATERPROOF. THEY ARE NOT!!!I bought these boots on sale from an outlet store in WI for the best price I found anywhere including online. I read the reviews, checked numerous sites and information, and because I had Sorel boots before and I liked the design I bought them. I needed some lighter weight boots for ice fishing.One out of ten of the reviews was bad, and had stated "NOT WATERPROOF". That was true then and it is the reason for my bad opinion on these boots. These boots are NOT waterproof!!!Anything that isn't rubber WILL LEAK WATER!!! And if the boot can't keep water out, cold is sure to follow. I wore these boots twice since buying them 4 days ago, and yesterday in the snow they were comfortable but a little cold in the toes while being on the ice. After today while going through some slush on the lakes I could feel my feet, toes and ankles getting wet.I'm bummed big time as I really like my old Sorel's and I thought this design was cool. If you want something to go sledding in. maybe even run a snowmobile for an hour or two...fine. But if you need something dependable, durable, warm and dry for a longer period of time this is not the boot for you. January 31, 2012
Fabulous boot Fit's well...though it doesn't come in half sizes. Round up to allow thick wool socks, and you're fit will be nice and cozy. Beautiful boot with plenty of traction in the snow, and warm as you'll ever need a boot to be. January 28, 2012
Good Quality Product I used my Sorel Alpha Pac boots snowmobiling in NH the other day and I'm very satisfied with their performance. The boot is light and very warm. I walked through about 8 inches of snow and my feet were dry and warm the whole time. They are easy to adjust and they have great grip. I will definitely buy from Sorel again! January 16, 2012
Great combination of fashion with function After 3 years of daily use, I finally chose to replace my Alpha Pac boots with the same exact ones. These are the best winter boots that I've ever owned. Previously, I had never owned a pair of boots with a gator built in. Not only does the gator add a flair of style to your boots, but it becomes extremely functional when taking my dogs out for a walk. These boots look great on. I was initially unsure how masculine these boots would look with my pants tucked into the gator, but my concerns were washed away by all of the compliments that I received from them. The only con is that these particular boots do not have great traction for the ice. I occasionally would lose my balance when walking my dogs on sidewalks in which the snow had never been shoveled (Snow melts during the day and freezes at night. Leaving black ice). Because of that I also chose to buy the Caribou (Better lugged soles) in addition to another pair of the Pac boots. My Pac boots just got worn down because of normal wear and tear and would highly recommend them to anyone! December 10, 2011
Great Boot I will admit that at first I was apprehensive at buying a boot made by Sorel, since the original company went bankrupt and it was acquired by Columbia. After looking at the quality that Columbia is striving for in their other apparel I decided to go ahead and give them a try. It looks like Columbia has continued the great construction that the original company was known for. We just hit -5 degrees in Denver, CO and my feet (including toes) were toasty warm. The removable liner is nice if you ever do any winter camping, or get them soaked. We also just received over 10" of snow over the last couple of days, and I didn't notice any leaks in the boots, and they had pretty good grip on ice. The drawstring cinching as opposed to tying the boot is wonderful, no trying to tie boots with mittens any more! My hat's off to Columbia for the great design. December 6, 2011
Great Boots; NOT Durable Love these boots! Very comfortable, very warm, and light enough to hike or snowshoe for hours. But . . . the waterproof lining is peeling away from the inside of the BOTH boots around the ankle and water leaks right in. (I discovered this today while walking through slush in my driveway) Also, a patch of canvas designed to reinforce the heel of the boot liner is tearing at the seam. I have owned the boots for 5 months and I wear them several times a week: sledding, ice fishing, and shoveling snow.While these are the most practical and comfortable winter boots I've ever owned, there lack of durability earns only two stars. Not recommended, especially for heavy use. March 14, 2011
My original Super Sorels As I sit here with my 35 year old Super Sorels on, it pains me to retire them. I have loved them all those years. They still fit but I have a hard time with the laces because of a disability. The Alpha Pacs are easy on and off. My originals had the liners replaced twice and the laces replaced probably 5 times. The tonque of one boot is torn but otherwise I still wear them! Thank You Sorel. February 9, 2011
Alpha Pac,Great Boots I needed a pair of cold weather boots since I wear sneakers mostly year round.I read the reviews of those from the Northern States and was impressed.I didn't want lace up boots because I know what its like to get them off when the laces get wet and cold.Being from the south,we don't get that much snow so I didn't want to break the bank with boots I won't wear that often.We did get a snow recently and I tried them out and was pleased with how warm and light they were.The slip in and out is a plus with these boots.I don't regret buying these boots.Well made and removable liner is nice as well. January 16, 2011
best boots I've ever had Had these for 2 winters in Calgary, last week we were -37 C with the windchill, and the only part of me that wasn't cold was my feet. Very comfortable, easy on and off (which is a big help when the rest of you is frozen). and light enough that they aren't bothersome. Would recomend to anybody. November 25, 2010
The Alpha Pac is the PERFECT Snow Boot! Read on.. After several years of settling for mediocre winter boots along with the frustration of having to lace up boots, getting snow packed in the laces, cold toes, etc., I set out to find the perfect winter/snow boot. I must say I'm happy as a cucumber that I found these boots. I live in Pennsylvania and over the past 2 days my town had a total accumulation of 18 inches of snow, kind of rare for our area, but it happens every now and then. These boots were a pleasure to be outside in. So comfortable, with the super warm liner you probably don't even need to wear socks, but I usually wear ski socks. Great construction, they look a real snow boot. No lacing necessary. Slip them on and go! A great strap up top to keep the snow out. Super traction. The bright reflective strip down the side is a nice touch. Sorel, you hit the ball out of the park with this one. Thanks! February 6, 2010
very nice pac boots Pros: Very lightweight, . Easy to put boots on/take off... I love the buckle system these boots have. Most importantly they keep feet warm and dry.Have had these boots for 4 weeks and am very pleased. I live in Chicago and the weather during this time period has been consistently below freezing, the lowest I have experienced so far was -5 degrees Farenheit. 9mm felt liner is plenty warm, I only wear 1 pair of socks and have had no issues with warmth. Only complaint, and it is a very minor one at that, is there could be more ankle support. I walk a couple miles daily and haven't had any issue but I could not say for certain these would be great for hiking. January 11, 2010
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