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Men's 1964 PAC/Premium/InnerBoot


Style # 1104121
| Fit: Fits Slightly Small


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Men's Size Chart

7 6 40 25
7.5 6.5 40.5 25.5
8 7 41 26
8.5 7.5 41.5 26.5
9 8 42 27
9.5 8.5 42.5 27.5
10 9 43 28
10.5 9.5 43.5 28.5
11 10 44 29
11.5 10.5 44.5 29.5
12 11 45 30
12.5 11.5 45.5 30.5
13 12 46 31
14 13 47 32
15 14 48 33
16 15 49 34
17 16 50 35

How to Measure Your Foot

  • Place your feet flat on a piece of paper and mark your longest toe and the back of your foot. It's best to do this standing and wearing socks
  • Measure the length (cm) straight from your longest toe to the back of your foot using a ruler or measuring tape.
  • Use the chart to find your size.


Men's 1964 PAC/Premium/InnerBoot 4.7 5 89 89
Warmth These liners are warm and comfortable even on the coldest days ice fishing. December 31, 2014
liners Just got the liners. So far very pleased with the quality, feel and fit. December 24, 2014
High expectations for these PAC inserts. I hope these inserts last as long as the originals which of course came with the boots. I have had my boots since 1975. I accidently destroyed the liners by tossing them ( without thinking ) into the washer. They require hand washing. By the time I realized what I did...the rest is history. What a mess! Thanks for the getting the order out in a timely manner; just in time for our next snowstorm. Ken February 3, 2014
Warm but small These fit in the boot shells just fine, and may be just like the original liners(?) But my old liners were...old, so the room for my feet is noticeably smaller in these, and a little harder to get into. January 18, 2014
A high quality boot liner The liners fit perfectly! Made my old pac boots like new again and they arrived quickly just in time for the arctic weather. They're well made with high quality materials. Overall a great value. January 6, 2014
Every bit as good as I had hoped. In spite of the fact that my very old Sorel boots had no size numbers printed on them, same for the liners, I was able to get the size liners needed to fit my boots through the very helpful assistance of Sorel's customer service representative. He talked me through the needed measurements from my old liners and made a determination on the size new liner I would need. He was spot on. I think that the material used currently for the liners is superior to the felt used for my old liners. Time and experience will determine if I am right on that score. I think that a total expenditure of $32.71 is quite reasonable for 'new' boots. January 3, 2014
Replacement liners Product liner works well with older boots; open front ankle helps with getting boot on. Delivery was fast. Sorel needs to tell retailers that sell their product that they, Sorel, has replacement liners. Local retailers did not know this (in Portland, ME area). January 3, 2014
great liners I ordered these to replace my original liners in boots I purchased over 20 years ago in Alaska. These Sorel boots have made it through Alaska and Buffalo winters since I had them. These liners made them feel knew again and I hope to get another 20 years out of these boots. January 2, 2014
the size 9's fit my 30 year old classic size 9 boots like a charm. I wore these sorels all the time in the 80s-90s in Minnesota until we moved to the Bay Area where they got only occasional use, and the innards slowly disintegrated. After moving back to the Midwest my 14 year old wanted a pair of new $179 Sorels because they were the now cool boot. Instead, $25 later he has the really really cool classic (not even retro) beige sorels. And the size 9 fit like a charm on the size 9 boots and he is warm and happy. Yes Yes Yes. December 31, 2013
Pack Liners Found the site and ordered some new felt liners for the packs I've had probably 20 years...in fact this was the 3rd pair and were a lot better than the boot leg ones I have bought at the Farm and Ranch store. Very fast service. AAAA plus December 31, 2013
After 25 Years Needed New Liners I went to 3 different major retailers and not one of them had replacement liners for my sorels. After 25yrs it was not only time to replace the liners, but I've become quite attached to these boots! After my 3 disappointing trips, I went to the source - Sorel.com. Within minutes I had my order completed and within a couple of days they arrived at my house. Should've ordered them online in the first place! December 30, 2013
Just like I remembered This product was a replacement item for the boots I purchased new about 38 years ago. I didn't even know if Sorel was still in business or not. So I typed Sorrell into my browser and it even corrected my spelling of the product for me. I wasn't even sure what size to order because sizes vary greatly from one manufacturer to the next, so I read (just barely) the size from the bottom of the inside of the boot. I'm 66 years old now so my feet have changed some, so they fit snug, but they fit and feel good. December 28, 2013
Bought in 1969 I bought my Sorels in 1969 with my snow shoveling money. I've replaced the liners a few times. The material and sewing on these new liners are as good as the originals. Good work! December 28, 2013
Boot Liners Ordered these after reading the prior posts so I knew which Sorel boots I have owned for about 30 years now. Arrived by UPS in 3 days during the so-called Holiday shipping rush around December 15. Slipped into the boots quite easily and it is just like the boots are new again. I live in Minnesota and the new liners work great for warmth. Ordered the same size as my boots. December 27, 2013
Fit my 40-year-old boots perfectly These inner boots were a perfect fit for my Sorel boots that I've had since the 1970s. They are comfortable and well made. December 25, 2013
old boots like new the liners fit well and and are my new favorite slippers too. December 24, 2013
Customer service Called in & talked Nick, help for about 15 minutes in checking what size I needed (approx. 35 years old), ended up ordering 2 different sizes & the smaller size fit, returned the other one & already have received credit. Thanks December 23, 2013
Liners for 20 year old boots Too thick for my 20 year old boots. The old liners were so wore out I got new ones the exact size and don't fit in my boots. I will not return them because I hate to do it when I think it is as much my mistake as yours. Too thick . . . December 23, 2013
Fits well after all these years Purchased for a pair of Arctic Pac that are pushing 40 years old now. Nice snug fit, boot labelled size 8, innerboot size 8 fits perfectly. Some reinforcement of the soles would be nice as the previous liners (not Sorel) developed holes in the heel and ball of the foot. December 22, 2013
Boots are 33 yrs old, not ready to replace yet. Ordered new pacs online and they were delivered in a few days. These boots have withstood 33 western PA winters, I wear them primarily when I operate my snow blower. I'd like to get a new pair but these are still in good shape! December 15, 2013
Just right Replaced my old blue liners in the Sorels December 14, 2013
Boot liner was too short for my older Sorel pack boots Great product, but the liner is about 3" too short for my older Sorel pack boots. Unfortunately, it appears Sorel doesn't offer a liner for my boots. December 6, 2013
website needs improvement I purchased these liners off the website. They looked like the same ones that were in my current Sorel boot. But when I got them, they were two inches too short to the top of the boot. These measured 9" from heel to top of ankle and I needed a liner that measures 11". The real problem is that this dimension isn't listed anywhere for any of the liners sold on the website - frustrating to have to deal with the return shipping, etc. On a positive note, Sorel did a good job with shipping them to me and issuing a refiund. December 5, 2013
Boot liners Arrived quickly and in a used box just as I asked. Box was perfectly fine, they just offer a nice recycled box. Excellent speed and quality. Great liners. December 4, 2013
PERFECT I bought these to replace some worn, cheap liners that came with my sons hand-me-down NON-Sorel boots. They fit perfectly into the boots, are much warmer and more comfortable according to my son. Great, quality product. I am purchasing another pair to replace the liners in my 25 year old Sorels. December 4, 2013
Inner liner replacement As warm, or warmer, than the original. very pleased. With all the new "high tech" materials-it's still hard to beat Sorrels for warmth! PR November 30, 2013
Warm and Toasty feet. Great pacs. My husband learned from his many years of hunting and wearing Sorel boots that his feet were always warm and dry. He purchased new boot liners every other year. He no longer hunts but remembers the warmth of the pac liners. This is his third or fourth pair in the last 15 or so years that he now wears for indoor winter slippers. November 29, 2013
Liners for Sorel boots These are replacement liners for boots that are about 15 years old. These fit, quality is excellent and ordering was a breeze. The company kept up with the progress on the order and it arrived as anticipated. November 22, 2013
1964 Liner Product was easy to order, fast shipping, and they fit perfectly. November 22, 2013
New liner new boots Bought a pair of used Sorel's because they were cheaper and I liked that they were already a little worn. These new liners made them good as new and still cheaper than a new pair of boots. Comfortable and made of excellent materials. November 8, 2013
New Boot Liners I recently purchased new boot liners to replace the ones from 25+ years ago. I am now ready for winter's worst, knowing that my feet will be warm inside those boots that make the slickest footing seem like solid ground. I NEVER hike in winter except in Sorels. November 4, 2013
Awesome! Brought my boots back to life! Thank you Sorel. Wish the insulation was a bit better, but still way cheaper then having to buy a new pair of boots! They will probably last 20 more years! July 8, 2013
New liners after 30+ years I 'inherited' my son's 1964 PACs after one season of snowboarding when he outgrew them. The liners weren't in the best shape then, but they worked for the last three decades, as part of my snowblowing gear. I finally found the Sorel website and called, not expecting much luck. The guy was very helpful but we couldn't find a definitive product as these boots predate the current Sorel line. Anyway, I ordered a 12 (the only size available), even though I am a 12 1/2 - 13. They are perfect! Thanks, Sorel! April 4, 2013
PAC Liners My old Sorel boot liners were from the 1980s. I replaced them this year with these new PAC Premium liners. The new material seems a bit on the thin side, but this is probably due to new material properties and better thermal characteristics. The fit is comfortable, the boots are warm. Winter is almost over so next year will be the real test. March 19, 2013
Boot Inserts Had misgivings about ordering replacement felt inserts for my 30+ year old Sorel Caribou boots. The boot had an 11 embossed on the sole. The size 11 inserts I ordered fit perfectly, and the quality was as good or better then the originals. Will definitely order these again if I'm around in 2043. March 16, 2013
Very durable product The original felt liners in my 35 year old Sorel Pac boots finally gave up the ghost (despite several layers of duct tape). I purchased the new liners, they slipped right in and I was off to the snowy woods. The fit was perfect and comfortable the first time I used them. I couldn't be happier! February 24, 2013
Right on the Money Just what I always expect . It never changes an I love it ! Keep up the good work my toasty feet appreciate it. February 22, 2013
New liners Perfect fit in my 1967 boots. Makes it possible to get 1 more year out of them. Thanks Sorel. February 20, 2013
I finally got around to getting new liners I've had my Sorel winter boots for almost thirty years and somewhere around 10 years ago a mouse in our garage used my left boot for a nest over the winter. For years I just put on an extra sock on the left foot and I finally ordered new liners this year. They arrived unbelievably quickly and they fit perfectly. I was a bit concerned about the fit because I was guessing, but they're just fine. Al long as another mouse doesn't get to my liners, I think I'll have these for a long time. February 15, 2013
Pac Boot Felt Liners The Pac Boot Felt Liners I recently received make my 35 year old Sorels like brand new. I just added a leather water proofing agent and viola....new kicks! I only wish I had ordered new laces at the same time and I did the liners. Since you have a one price shipping rate I could have 'bundled' the items. I chose not to pay $6 S&H for a set of laces that certainly weigh under an ounce. Before ordering I spoke to a Sorel 'associate' on phone. The gentleman was most courteous, polite, and certainly knowledgeable. Other wise...going forward...felt is what it is...perfect! February 13, 2013
Replacement Liners for Vintage Sorels I have an old pair of Kaufman Green Sorels I believe from the late 80's or so and I just wore thru another pair of liners from a 3rd party source and purchased the Mens 1964 liners and so far they are great quality, true to size. Rubbed some mink oil on the leather, new laces, and the boots are like new again. February 13, 2013
Great Fit! I have the Joan of Ark boots and I don't always want the furry top so I was looking for something plain that I could wear with high socks these were perfect. January 31, 2013
Sorel Liners I was so happy to see the reviews and a place to order new liners for my Sorel boots. They have to be at least 25 years old, and they are in great shape except for the liners are pretty worn. I was happy to find replacement liners for them, and I am very happy with the fit and quality plus the free and expedient shipping. Thanks Sorel.. BG25 January 30, 2013
worth every cent I ordered these for a pair of boots that were a different brand and 20 years old. I ordered a size 12 and it turned out that the boots were only an 11. They fit perfectly. My husband is thrilled, they are better than the originals he says, warmer, thinner, and easier to get on. The original boots were also a top brand January 29, 2013
Good replacement liners for older boots I had some older felt liners that were dirty and worn out so I ordered these and they work great. They fit in my old boots and keep my feet warm down to 4 F. January 27, 2013
Tight Fit These boot liners are much better than the originals but the extra material makes them a tighter fit. Some of my socks stay in the boot when I remove the boot. Perhaps over the last 35 years my feet have changed in size. On my next Sorel purchase I will get a lager boot. January 26, 2013
Felt PAC inserts Great pre-sale communication and speedy delivery. They fit perfectly. January 25, 2013
Replacement Liners The boots these liners replaced are quite old about 1989-1990 I'm not sure witch model they are, they have side zippers and fabric uppers. The original liners are a thinner construction with felt inside/fabric outside/felt soles witch made getting them on/off easier. The new ones once on are a good fit warm and comfortable. Only reason for replacement after all these years the heels of originals have quarter sized holes below insides of ankles. These boots have been used for everthing from shoveling snow to snowmobileing at below zero temps great products. Other family members also wear the heavier duty pack models. January 23, 2013
Sorel Boot Liners Good product and service January 20, 2013
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